By Nixon Kasimu Yuma.

Conflicts appear to take an important part in our daily lives and there is no way that we would live by avoiding them. Dealing with life issues must then include conflict as being one of the activities that become part of our worries by addressing disagreement or disputes in an effective manner. All human nature is aware that a conflict or a dispute handled carelessly reaches a point where the outcome could be destructive. At this point, violence erupts in the social environment with negative consequences.

There is acute need of people committed to work in the field of peace as to contribute in alleviating the use of violence as an alternative to resolving disputes. Luckily, it has to be started somewhere with people in this field trained in dealing with peace issues. The “Institut Facultaire Maria Malkia” one of the academic institutions in Lubumbashi, in the Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the rare institutions in the country that has benefited from an important programme offering “PEACE STUDIES”. However, the lack of qualified lecturers and professors in this domain became a serious setback. Fortunately, from 2006-2007 three lecturers all qualified from the domain started teachings related to peace. Mr Kazadi Musomvi, Mr Jean Piere Mfuni Mwanza and Mr Kasimu Yuma, completed their “Masters in Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies” at the University of Kwa Zulu Natal, Durban in South Africa. The above specialists in the domain took over all relevant modules such as Demilitarization, Armed Conflicts in Africa, Nonviolence, Organizing for Peace, Forgiveness and reconciliation and Structural Violence. By March 2008, Mr Diaku Dianzenza joined the team as to cover up Mr. Kazadi Musomvi who was not available for personal reasons. He holds as well a Masters in Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies of the same university.

It is worth mentioning that these lecturers freshly from university are the core founders of a Non Governmental Organization called “Central Africa Conflict Prevention Association” (CACOPA) that is interested in working for peace. As a matter of fact, teaching peace is a path to advocating peace in the society.