Still in Lubumbashi, CACOPA will in the near future train the district leaders in Basic Conflict Management taking into account their role within the social environment. While in Kinshasa for further contacts; CACOPA’s Secretary General handled the project. The Project will be funded by the provincial government whose interest in having a peaceful Katanga with numerous minerals that contribute in rising pockets of conflicts here and there might play an important role in addressing issues of conflict as they appear daily. The most fundamental benefit of such trainings is that they target to resolve conflict within communities. As a matter of fact, every corner of any country where the redistribution of wealth fails, conflict seems to dominate with negative consequences. The lack of structures that might address such issues always culminate into violence while possible alternatives to nonviolent means exist.

The privilege to train district leaders in Katanga province and particularly in Lubumbashi will probably open doors to the remote parts of the province to benefit such trainings. However, the possibility of expanding such trainings in the entire country rests upon government officials to understand the founded reason of such structures to become part of the grassroots’ daily life for peace to prevail in our communities.